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Quickly find words that rhyme with each other. Use this comprehensive search engine tool to list all words that rhyme with your query. This rhyme generator also displays words that sound the same but have different meanings. Use our standard English rhymer to help you rhyme a word, poetry poems, love quotes, song lyrics or rap lines. This specially designed dictionary finds rhymes based on pronunciation. If you are feeling blocked or stuck, or cannot find a perfect word for your poem, we are the solution! Find that rhyme online.

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Rhyming words are search by pronunciations and letters. Let us explain how we find rhymes! The first letter of the given term is removed and a search is performed based on pronunciation. In case we find less than ten rhyming words, another letter is removed and a new search is performed. On the results pages, the rhymes that rhyme with the queried word are sorted in alphabetical order. Of course words with inflected endings are not listed because finding rhymes for those should not be a challenge.

Words that sound the same

Our rhyming dictionary contains more than 125,000 basic dictionary words (the Second Edition of the Oxford English Dictionary contains 171,476 words). This means that the majority of English words can be searched on this website. As you will see, there is a list of similar sounding words with different meanings displayed below the results for your searched word. Go ahead, just enter your word and hit the 'search' button!

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