What rhymes with dole's?

List of words that rhyme with dole's in our rhyming dictionary.

Dole's rhymes with:

doles, boals, boles, bolles, bolls, bolz, bowles, bowls, coal's, coals, cole's, coles, consoles, control's, controls, creoles, doles, enrolls, extols, foale's, folz, goals, goelz, golz, holes, holz, joles, knoles, knoll's, knowles, kohl's, kohls, moles, nicole's, noles, nolls, oles, paroles, patrol's, patrols, poehl's, pohl's, poles, poll's, polls, pols, roles, roll's, rolls, rowles, scholes, scholz, scholze, scoles, scrolls, seoul's, shoals, sholes, soles, souls, sowles, sproles, stolz, stolze, strolls, toles, tolles, tolls, voelz, voles, volz, wholes, wolz

Dole's sounds like:

d'alessi, daedalus, dahl's, dahlke, dailies, dale's, dales, dalesio, dalessio, daley's, dalhouse, dalis, dalke, dallas, dallas', dallas's, daloisio, deadlock, deadlocks, deal's, deals, delacy, delage, delahoussaye, delaski, delays, delco, delellis, delhaize, delhi's, delicacies, delicacy, delich, delicia, delicious, delisa, delise, delisi, delisio, delk, dell's, dellis, deloach, delosh, delouis, delouse, deluca, delucas, delucca, delucchi, deluccia, delucia, deluge, deluise, deluxe, details, dial's, dialog, dialogue, dialogues, dials, dialysis, diles, dilg, dilks, dills, dils, diluzio, dlugos, dlugosz, doilies, dolak, dolce, dolch, dolecki, doles, doles's, doll's, dollhouse, dollhouses, dolls, dolly's, dols, doodles, dowels, dowless, doyle's, duals, duels, dulac, dulak, dulce, dulcea, dulcie, dulles, dulski, dulwich, dwells, dylewski, dylex

What rhymes with dole's?