What rhymes with approaches?

List of words that rhyme with approaches in our rhyming dictionary.

Approaches rhymes with:

agache's, agaches, aldrich's, arches, backstitches, batches, beach's, beaches, blotches, blowtorches, branches, britches, bunches, catches, church's, churches, clenches, clinches, clutches, ditches, drenches, gerchas, impeaches, inches, inches', itches, latches, launches, matches, matsch's, mevarach's, mevarachs, nevarach's, notches, patches, peaches, porches, pouches, quenches, ranches, reaches, riches, scratches, sketches, speeches, stretches, swatches, switches, teaches, touches, watches, witches

Approaches sounds like:

aaberg, abarca, abbruzzese, aberg, abhors, abraxa, abraxa's, abraxas, abrego, abruzzese, abruzzo, affair's, affairs, afresh, africa, africa's, aparicio, appears, appraise, appraises, apprise, approach, avarice, average, average's, averages, avers, aversa, averse, avery's, aviaries

What rhymes with approaches?