What rhymes with ascended?

List of words that rhyme with ascended in our rhyming dictionary.

Ascended rhymes with:

descended, amended, apprehended, attended, blended, defended, depended, descended, ended, extended, intended, offended, overextended, pretended, recommended, splendid, suspended, tended

Ascended sounds like:

acantha, accent, accented, accentuate, accentuated, accomando, accommodate, accommodated, account, accounted, achmed, acmat, acquaint, acquainted, agenda, agent, agneta, ajinomoto, aksamit, aquanaut, ascend, ascent, ashamed, ashmead, assante, assassinate, assassinated, assent, assessment, assigned, assignment, assumed, augment, augmented, ausimont, awakened

What rhymes with ascended?