What rhymes with avoid?

List of words that rhyme with avoid in our rhyming dictionary.

Avoid rhymes with:

devoid, void, annoyed, baroid, bloyd, boyd, boyde, cloyd, deployed, destroyed, devoid, employed, enjoyed, floyd, freud, gloyd, lloyd, loyd, noyd, overjoyed, redeployed, royd, steroid, toyed, underemployed, unemployed, void

Avoid sounds like:

abad, abadi, abadie, abate, abated, abbado, abbate, abbett, abbitt, abbot, abbott, abboud, abdo, abed, abedi, abet, abetted, abeyta, abid, abide, abided, abode, abood, aboodi, abott, aboud, about, abt, abut, abutted, afoot, aft, apathy, apatite, aphid, appetite, appetito, apt, aptitude, avid, avitia, avoided, avowed

What rhymes with avoid?