What rhymes with battery?

List of words that rhyme with battery in our rhyming dictionary.

Battery rhymes with:

flattery, hattery, patrie, slattery, adultery, alimentary, artery, autery, blustery, buttery, celestory, complimentary, contradictory, coterie, daughtery, directory, documentary, eatery, effrontery, factory, flattery, glittery, guattery, hattery, history, introductory, jittery, lottery, mastery, mcmurtrie, mystery, notary, olfactory, parliamentary, patrie, peremptory, perfunctory, petery, pottery, premonitory, protohistory, raftery, rectory, refractory, rotary, rudimentary, sedimentary, slattery, splintery, supplementary, testamentary, trajectory, unsatisfactory, upholstery, valedictory, victory, watery

Battery sounds like:

bader, badour, badura, bather, bator, batra, batter, batterer, bauder, bavadra, baytree, beater, beaudreau, beaudry, bedore, beefeater, beiter, betar, betray, better, bettor, bidder, bitar, biter, bither, bitter, boeder, botero, bother, bottari, boudoir, boudreau, bowater, boyter, buddier, buder, budreau, budrow, bueter, butare, butera, butter, buttery, buttrey, buttry, bywater

What rhymes with battery?