What rhymes with calef?

List of words that rhyme with calef in our rhyming dictionary.

Calef rhymes with:

califf, aliff, califf, aliff, bayliff, califf, cunliffe, elliff, gatliff, heathcliff, hinchcliff, hinchcliffe, hinchliffe, iliff, jolliff, jolliffe, northcliff, oliff, olliff, rackliff, rackliffe, radcliff, radcliffe, radliff, ratcliff, ratcliffe, rateliff, ratliff, ratliffe, setliff, shurtleff, shurtliff, stancliff, sutcliff, sutcliffe, sutliff, topliff, wickliff, wickliffe, woodliff, wycliff, zeliff

Calef sounds like:

calaf, caleb, calf, calfee, calif, califf, caliph, calliope, calvey, calvi, calvo, celeb, chalabi, chalupa, chelf, cilluffo, cilva, clabo, claffey, clap, clapp, cleave, clef, cleva, cleve, clevie, clif, cliff, cliffe, clip, clive, club, clubb, clubby, cluff, clyve, colab, colby, collopy, colopy, cowslip, cullop, culp, culpa

What rhymes with calef?