What rhymes with campus?

List of words that rhyme with campus in our rhyming dictionary.

Campus rhymes with:

hippocampus, hippocampus, bumpus, compas, compass, encompass, gyrocompass, hippocampus, olympus, pompous

Campus sounds like:

cambex, camby's, camp's, campeau's, campise, campisi, campobasso, campos, camps, camps', campuses, cannabis, canvas, canvases, canvass, canvasses, champoux, champs, chemfix, chimps, combes, combs, comeback, comebacks, compaq, compaq's, compas, compass, compose, composes, compus, compusa, compusa's, confess, confesses, confucius, confuse, confuses, convex, conveys, convoys, coombes, coombs, cumbias

What rhymes with campus?