What rhymes with cavity?

List of words that rhyme with cavity in our rhyming dictionary.

Cavity rhymes with:

mcavity, depravity, gravity, mcavity, activity, brevity, captivity, conductivity, creativity, depravity, exclusivity, festivity, gravity, insensitivity, longevity, mcavity, nativity, negativity, proclivity, productivity, progressivity, radioactivity, reactivity, relativity, selectivity, superconductivity, velvety

Cavity sounds like:

cabot, caped, capita, capito, capote, capped, cappetta, caput, caputi, caputo, cavataio, caveat, caved, cavett, cavitt, cepeda, chabot, chafed, chafete, chaput, chevette, cheviot, chiappetta, chiavetta, chipita, chipote, chipped, chopped, civet, co-opt, co-opted, cobbett, cockpit, cofide, cohabit, coiffed, cooped, coped, copied, copped, covatta, covet, coveted, cubed, cubit, cuffed, cupid, cupidity, cupit, cuppett

What rhymes with cavity?