What rhymes with cdc?

List of words that rhyme with cdc in our rhyming dictionary.

Cdc rhymes with:

ac, addressee, amc, apc, artsy, bbc, bresee, c, cc, cie, cxc, emcee, foresee, forsee, fsi, gassee, gnc, gutsy, hohensee, jaycee, jessee, keesee, kissee, knbc, lessee, licensee, losee, lxi, nic, ofc, oversea, pc, piercey, powerpc, sci, sea, see, si, sie, sieh, sightsee, tenn, tennessee, tootsie, tse, t_a_c, undersea, u_s_m_c, woodmansee, yangtze

Cdc sounds like:

c-codes, c.d.s, cactus, caddick, caddies, caddock, caddyshack, cadets, cadieux, cadiz, cads, cahoots, casados, cascade's, cascades, cascades', caskets, cassettes, cassidy's, castaways, castes, casts, cat's, catch, catches, catchy, cates, cathodes, cathy's, catija, cats, caustic, cautious, cds, cedes, cetec, cetus, cetus's, chad's, chaddock, chadick, chadwick, chadwick's, chaidez, chaotic, chastise, chastises, chataqua, chateaux, chatichai, chatichai's, chatihachi, chatihachi's, chats, chattahoochee, chattahoochee's, chatz, chatz', chatz's, chautauqua, cheats, checketts, checkouts, cheektowaga, cheetahs, chests, chicots, chides, chidsey, chits, chittick, chudzik, chujitsuya, chustz, chutes, chykatka, cicadas, cites, citgo, citic, cities, cities', city's, coast's, coasts, coat's, coates, coats, cockatoos, codag, code's, codes, codesa, coeds, cohosts, coitus, cookouts, coots, cosatu's, costas, costco, costs, cotes, cotija, cots, cottage, cottages, couchettes, cousteau's, couts, coutts, coyotes, cushitic, custis, cutesy, cutouts, cuts, cutshaw, cutts, cycads, cystic, cysts, cytotech, cytotechs

What rhymes with cdc?