What rhymes with chagrined?

List of words that rhyme with chagrined in our rhyming dictionary.

Chagrined rhymes with:

grinde, grinned, grinde, grinned, broken-wind, downwind, ginned, grinde, grinned, hinde, hynd, lind, linde, lindh, lynd, lynde, pinned, rescind, schwind, sind, sinned, skinned, thinned

Chagrined sounds like:

caramandi, careened, careunit, carmita, carmody, carnaud, carnett, casagrande, cernuda, charmed, chiaramonte, churned, coherent, corinth, corinto, cornet, cornett, cornette, coronado, coronet, corrente, correnti, courant, crammed, craned, creamed, cremate, cremated, crowned, crumitie, crummett, curnutt, curnutte, current

What rhymes with chagrined?