What rhymes with cipollone?

List of words that rhyme with cipollone in our rhyming dictionary.

Cipollone rhymes with:

palone, alone, cologne, malone, palone, salone, stallone, valone, alone, athlone, blown, clone, cologne, cyclone, flown, kloehn, loan, lone, malone, mcglone, melloan, milone, overblown, palone, plohn, salone, sloan, sloane, slone, stallone, valone

Cipollone sounds like:

cableone, caplan, caplin, cephalon, chaplain, chaplan, chaplin, choplin, civilian, cofflin, copelan, copelin, coplan, coplen, coplin, coppolino, couvillion, couvillon

What rhymes with cipollone?