What rhymes with codrescu?

List of words that rhyme with codrescu in our rhyming dictionary.

Codrescu rhymes with:

fescue, iliescu, fescue, iliescu, miscue, barbecue, barbeque, bbq, fescue, iliescu, miscue

Codrescu sounds like:

cadres, casters, castro's, castrucci, caterers, caters, catharsis, cather's, cathers, catheters, cauterize, cauterizes, cedars, cedras, cedras', cedras's, cedric, chatterjee, cheaters, cheddars, chesters, chitra's, citric, citrosuco, citrus, citrus's, coasters, coauthors, codrescu's, costars, costa_rica, custer's, cutters

What rhymes with codrescu?