What rhymes with cortese?

List of words that rhyme with cortese in our rhyming dictionary.

Cortese rhymes with:

abbruzzese, abruzzese, albanese, annese, basie, blasi, bolognese, bruzzese, buthelezi, butulesi, calabrese, cassese, catanese, chianese, cicalese, coglianese, colaizzi, crazy, daisy, danese, dazey, farese, francese, franzese, hazy, lanese, lazy, leccese, lucchese, maisie, matarese, mazie, palese, pavese, pugliese, ragonese, savarese, scalese

Cortese sounds like:

carats, card's, cardiac, cardiges, cardis, cardiss, cardosa, cardosi, cardoso, cardoso's, cardoza, cardozo, cards, cards', carducci, carrots, carthage, carts, ceredase, cerritos, charades, chariots, charities, charities', charity's, charts, chertkow, cherts, chordates, chords, cigarette's, cigarettes, cohorts, cordage, cordasco, cordes, cordis, cords, cordts, coretech, corrodes, cortege, cortes, cortesi, cortex, cortez, corteze, coseratz, court's, courteous, courtesies, courtesy, courthouse, courthouses, courtis, courtois, courts, courts', coward's, cowardice, cowards, craddock, cradic, cradock, crates, creates, credit's, credits, creditwatch, creeds, cretaceous, crites, critic, critic's, criticize, criticizes, critics, critics', critique, critiques, critz, croat's, croatia's, croats, crotch, crotts, crowd's, crowds, crude's, crudes, crutch, crutches, curt's, curtice, curtis, curtis', curtiss, curts, curtsy

What rhymes with cortese?