What rhymes with cripple?

List of words that rhyme with cripple in our rhyming dictionary.

Cripple rhymes with:

rippel, ripple, triple, trippel, tripple, dippel, dipple, fipple, gipple, hipple, klippel, knipl, knippel, knipple, nipple, rippel, ripple, schiphol, sippel, sipple, tipple, triple, trippel, tripple, whipple

Cripple sounds like:

caraballo, carabello, caravel, caravella, caravelle, caravello, carballo, careful, carefully, carpal, carpool, carvalho, carvel, carvell, carville, ceravolo, chairpeople, cheerful, cheerfully, corabelle, corbeil, corbel, corbell, corbello, courville, crabill, crable, crivelli, crivello, cropley, crovl, curable, curbelo

What rhymes with cripple?