What rhymes with crises?

List of words that rhyme with crises in our rhyming dictionary.

Crises rhymes with:

pisces, accuracies, agencies, agencies', agency's, alexi's, assisi's, associes, autopsies, bankruptcies, bankruptcy's, betsy's, biloxi's, biopsies, blassie's, bugliosi's, bureaucracies, bureaucracy's, candidacies, casey's, chelsea's, clancy's, competencies, confederacy's, conservancy's, conspiracies, constituencies, contingencies, controversies, counterinsurgencies, courtesies, cruces, currencies, currencies', currency's, debussy's, deficiencies, delicacies, delinquencies, democracies, democracy's, dependencies, diagnoses, discrepancies, efficiencies, elsie's, embassies, embassy's, emergencies, epilepsies, excellencies, exigencies, expectancies, fallacies, fancies, fantasies, fossey's, frequencies, gacy's, galaxies, galaxy's, gypsies, hennessey's, inaccuracies, inadequacies, inconsistencies, inefficiencies, insolvencies, insurgencies, intricacies, jealousies, jesse's, kaposi's, legacies, macy's, macys, malignancies, maxis, mcaleese's, mercies, misdiagnoses, missy's, nancy's, nazi's, nazis, nazis', neonazis, neuroses, oases, odyssey's, patsies, pepsi's, percy's, pharmacies, pisces, plessey's, policies, policy's, posses, poughkeepsie's, pregnancies, presidencies, presidency's, privacies, prognoses, prophecies, prostheses, proxies, pussies, quincy's, redundancies, regency's, residencies, ritcey's, sassy's, tallahassee's, taxi's, taxis, tendencies, theses, tracy's, transparencies, tutsi's, tutsis, uliassi's, ullyses, ulysses, vacancies, vinci's, xerxes

Crises sounds like:

caceres, caesar's, caesars, caesars', cairo's, car's, cara's, caracas, caracci, caras, carcass, carcasses, care's, careers, cares, caress, caresse, caresses, carey's, cargo, cargo's, cargoes, cargos, carico, carioca, caris, carissa, carjack, carjacks, caroche, carosi, carouse, carozza, carr's, carras, carrasco, carreras, carrey's, carriage, carriages, carrick, carrico, carrier's, carriers, carriers', carriers's, carries, carrig, carrigg, carris, carrozza, cars, cars', carse, carsey, carsick, carucci, caruso, casares, casarez, casework, cashier's, cashiers, cazares, ceraceous, ceres, cerezo, cerise, cerska, cerus, cesarz, chaires, chairez, chairs, charasse, charge, charges, chargois, charissa, chasers, chaucer's, checkers, cheerios, cheers, cherico, cherish, cherishes, cherokee, cherokee's, cherokees, cherries, cherry's, chewers, chiggers, chirac, chirac's, chirco, chirico, choicers, choirs, chores, choric, chorus, choruses, chris, chris', chrisco, chriscoe, chriss, chrissie, chrissy, chryseis, church, church's, churches, churches', churchhouse, cigars, circa, circus, circus's, circuses, ciresi, ciriaco, ciros, cirque, cirrhosis, cirrus, coarse, cockroach, cockroaches, coerce, coheres, cohrs, cookers, coors, coors's, cora's, cores, corgi, corisa, corissa, cork, corks, corky, corrick, corsa, corsage, corse, corsi, corsica, corsicas, corso, corzo, cougars, courage, courageous, couric, courier's, couriers, course, course's, courses, coursey, cowries, crace, crack, cracks, cragg, craggs, craggy, crago, craig, craig's, craigie, craigo, crase, crash, crash's, crashes, crass, craugh, crawshaw, craxi, cray's, crays, craze, crazies, crazy, creach, creagh, creak, creaky, crease, creases, creasey, creasy, creche, creches, creech, creecy, creek, creek's, creeks, crees, cregg, crego, creko, creque, cresci, cress, cresses, cressey, cressy, crew's, crewes, crews, crick, cries, cris, crisci, crisco, crise, crisis, criss, crissey, croak, croc, crocco, croce, crock, crocus, crocuses, croix, croix's, croke, crook, crooke, crooks, cros, crose, croshaw, croskey, cross, cross's, crosse, crosses, crosswise, crouch, crough, crouse, crow's, crows, cruce, cruces, cruise, cruises, cruse, crush, crushes, crusoe, crux, cruz, cruz's, cruze, curacao, curci, curcio, cures, curios, curious, curragh, curries, curry's, currys, curse, curses, curzio, cyrix, cyrix's, cyrus, czar's, czars

What rhymes with crises?