What rhymes with crushed?

List of words that rhyme with crushed in our rhyming dictionary.

Crushed rhymes with:

brushed, rushed, blushed, brushed, flushed, gushed, hushed, rushed, abashed, abolished, accomplished, admonished, ambushed, anguished, astonished, banished, bashed, blemished, blushed, borscht, brainwashed, brandished, brushed, burnished, cached, cashed, cherished, clashed, crashed, dashed, demolished, diminished, dished, distinguished, embellished, enmeshed, established, extinguished, famished, finished, fished, flashed, fleshed, flourished, flushed, furbished, furnished, garnished, gashed, gushed, hashed, hushed, impoverished, kierscht, languished, lashed, lavished, leashed, malnourished, mashed, meshed, mustached, nourished, perished, polished, published, punished, pushed, quashed, reestablished, refinished, refreshed, refurbished, relinquished, relished, replenished, rushed, semifinished, slashed, smashed, smoshed, splashed, squashed, stashed, swished, swooshed, tarnished, thrashed, trashed, unabashed, unblemished, undernourished, undiminished, undistinguished, unfinished, unleashed, unpublished, unpunished, unvarnished, unwashed, vanished, vanquished, varnished, washed, whitewashed, wished

Crushed sounds like:

careerist, caressed, carjacked, charest, charged, chargit, cheeriest, cherished, chrest, christ, christa, christi, christie, christo, christy, chryst, circuit, circuited, coerced, corestate, corexit, corkwood, correct, corrected, corrugate, corrugated, corset, corsetti, cracked, craghead, craighead, crashed, crazed, craziest, creaked, creosote, crescott, crest, crested, cricket, crist, crista, cristo, crochet, crocheted, crockett, crooked, croquet, crossed, crossett, crosswhite, crosthwait, crosthwaite, crouched, cruised, crusade, crust, crusted, crusty, cruzado, curiosity, cursed, czarist

What rhymes with crushed?