What rhymes with cursing?

List of words that rhyme with cursing in our rhyming dictionary.

Cursing rhymes with:

coercing, conversing, disbursing, dispersing, nursing, persing, rehearsing, reimbursing, reversing, traversing, wirsing

Cursing sounds like:

caressing, caricom's, carjacking, carjackings, carousing, carson's, charging, cherishing, chrzanowski, churchgoing, churkin's, circumcise, coarsening, coercing, corking, corkins, corrigan's, coursing, cracking, crashing, crasnianski, craziness, creaking, crescenzi, crescenzo, crishman's, croaking, crookshank, crookshanks, crossing, crossings, crouching, cruickshank, cruikshank, cruising, crushing, cryogenic, cryogenics

What rhymes with cursing?