What rhymes with daft?

List of words that rhyme with daft in our rhyming dictionary.

Daft rhymes with:

aft, calfed, craft, draft, draught, graft, haft, krafft, kraft, laughed, raft, redraft, shaft, staffed, taft

Daft sounds like:

daubed, david, davida, davide, davidow, davitt, deadbeat, deathbed, debate, debated, debit, debt, debut, debuted, defeat, defeated, defied, deft, deified, depot, depth, deputy, deviate, deviated, devita, devito, devitt, devoid, devote, devoted, devotee, devoto, devout, diffid, dipped, divad, dived, divide, divided, divita, divito, divvied, doped, doubet, doubt, doubted, dovidio, dubbed, duffett, duped, dvd, dwivedi

What rhymes with daft?