What rhymes with defame?

List of words that rhyme with defame in our rhyming dictionary.

Defame rhymes with:

fame, fayme, acclaim, aflame, aim, aime, ame, ashame, baim, ballgame, bame, became, blame, brame, came, claim, dame, declaim, disclaim, exclaim, fame, fayme, flaim, flame, fraim, frame, game, graeme, inflame, kaim, lame, maim, mame, mayme, name, overcame, postgame, proclaim, reclaim, rename, rhame, same, sejm, shame, swaim, tame

Defame sounds like:

dabney, daffin, dafna, daphne, dauphin, dauphinee, davin, davina, davino, deadpan, deafen, debaun, debnam, debona, debono, deepen, defina, define, defino, dehaven, depina, deppen, devan, devane, devaney, devany, deveney, devenney, devenny, deveny, devin, devine, deviney, devinney, devino, devon, devona, devonian, diaphonia, dibona, dibuono, diffin, difm, divan, diven, divine, diviney, dobbin, dopamine, dubin, dubinin, duffin, dupin

What rhymes with defame?