What rhymes with dexter's?

List of words that rhyme with dexter's in our rhyming dictionary.

Dexter's rhymes with:

baxter's, hucksters, poindexter's, pranksters, thaxter's, tricksters, adjusters, administers, amvestors, ancestor's, ancestors, ancestors', asters, astor's, barristers, baxter's, blisters, blockbuster's, blockbusters, bolsters, booster's, boosters, broadcaster's, broadcasters, broadcasters', burgomaster's, burgomasters, busters, canisters, cannisters, casters, chesters, cloisters, clusters, coasters, custer's, demasters, disasters, dumpsters, dusters, esters, filibusters, fillibusters, flusters, forecasters, foresters, foster's, fosters, fraudster's, fraudsters, gangbusters, gangsters, ghostbusters, hamsters, harvesters, headmasters, hucksters, impostors, investor's, investors, investors', jester's, jesters, jewelmasters, koesters, lemasters, lobster's, lobsters, marsters, master's, masters, masters', mcmasters, meisters, minister's, ministers, ministers', misters, mobster's, mobsters, molesters, monsters, musters, nesters, newscasters, oldsters, oysters, pastor's, pastors, pesters, pilasters, plasters, poindexter's, pollsters, polyesters, posters, postmasters, pranksters, promsters, protesters, protesters', protestors, register's, registers, resistors, roasters, rochester's, roister's, roosters, rosters, royster's, semesters, sequesters, shysters, sister's, sisters, sportscasters, stepsisters, taster's, tasters, teamster's, teamsters, teamsters', testers, thaxter's, thrusters, ticketmaster's, toasters, transistors, tricksters, twisters, wasters, webster's, websters, wenchester's, westchester's, youngster's, youngsters, youngsters'

Dexter's sounds like:

daughter's, daughters, daughters', decoders, degutare's, destroyers, destroys, detectors, dextrose, dextrous, dictators, disasters, disastrous, distress, distresses, distrigas, doctor's, doctors, doctors', dusters

What rhymes with dexter's?