What rhymes with dipping?

List of words that rhyme with dipping in our rhyming dictionary.

Dipping rhymes with:

chipping, clipping, dripping, equipping, flipping, gripping, nipping, outstripping, ripping, shipping, sipping, skipping, slipping, stripping, tipping, tripping, whipping, zipping

Dipping sounds like:

dabbing, daphne's, daphnis, dauphinais, davanzo, davinci, deafening, deafness, debonis, debunk, debunks, deepening, deepens, defence, defense, defense's, defenses, defiance, defines, defining, defying, devens, deviance, deviancy, devinci, devinci's, devins, diaphanous, difonzo, divens, diving, divining, dobbins, dobyns, doffing, dubbing, dubinsky

What rhymes with dipping?