What rhymes with disdaining?

List of words that rhyme with disdaining in our rhyming dictionary.

Disdaining rhymes with:

deigning, ordaining, abstaining, ascertaining, attaining, campaigning, caning, chaining, complaining, constraining, containing, deigning, detaining, draining, entertaining, explaining, feigning, gaining, haning, laning, maintaining, obtaining, ordaining, overtraining, pertaining, raining, refraining, regaining, reigning, reining, remaining, restraining, retaining, retraining, staining, straining, sustaining, training, waning

Disdaining sounds like:

d'agostino's, d'estaing, dakotans, decadence, deciding, decoding, dedicating, deducting, deductions, destinies, detecting, dickstein's, dicostanzo, dictating, digesting, disdains, disgusting, disquieting, dissecting, dissections, dissidence, distance, distances, distinguish, distinguishes, dusting

What rhymes with disdaining?