What rhymes with dispirited?

List of words that rhyme with dispirited in our rhyming dictionary.

Dispirited rhymes with:

low-spirited, low-spirited, low-spirited, inherited, low-spirited, misinterpreted, pirated, reinterpreted, bigoted, blanketed, carpeted, circuited, closeted, coveted, exited, faceted, filleted, helmeted, inherited, inhibited, jacketed, low-spirited, misinterpreted, multifaceted, picketed, piloted, pirated, plummeted, pocketed, ratcheted, reinterpreted, remarketed, revisited, rioted, riveted, rocketed, skyrocketed, targeted, ticketed, trumpeted, unaudited, unedited, uninhabited

Dispirited sounds like:

dashboard, deciphered, despaired, desperado, desperate, disappeared, disbarred, discovered, disparate, disparity

What rhymes with dispirited?