What rhymes with dockings?

List of words that rhyme with dockings in our rhyming dictionary.

Dockings rhymes with:

stockings, banking's, bookings, brookings, carjackings, hijackings, makings, markings, pickings, rankings, smoking's, stockings, takings, talking's, undertakings, viking's, vikings, workings

Dockings sounds like:

dagenais, dascenzo, dashing, datsun's, dawkins, dawson's, deaconess, deacons, deakins, decaying, decency, decision's, decisions, decking, deigning, deigns, dejong, dejonge, dejongh, dekoning, descenza, deschenes, deshong, designees, designing, designs, deskins, des_moines, diagnose, diagnoses, diagnosis, diasonic, diasonics, dicenso, dicenzo, dicing, dickens, dickens', dickens's, diegans, diesing, digangi, digging, diggins, dioxins, discenza, discussing, discussions, disengage, disguising, dishing, dishong, dishwashing, dismaying, dismays, dismiss, dismisses, dismuke, dismukes, disney's, dissing, dissonance, ditching, dixon's, dixons, dizziness, dizzying, docking, dockins, dodging, dogging, dosing, dougans, dougens, douggins, dousing, dowsing, dozens, dozing, ducking, dudzinski, duesing, duggins, duking, duquesne's, dusing, duszynski, dwiggins

What rhymes with dockings?