What rhymes with draftee?

List of words that rhyme with draftee in our rhyming dictionary.

Draftee rhymes with:

abductee, absentee, adoptee, amputee, appointee, bt, cartee, cottee, coutee, ddt, deportee, devotee, enlistee, goatee, guarantee, guaranty, inductee, invitee, lunati, mit, njt, partee, pattee, pettee, portee, repartee, rrrot, t, t., te, tea, tee, ti, trustee

Draftee sounds like:

deorbit, derived, drabbed, draft, drafted, drafty, draped, dribbed, drift, drifta, drifted, driftwood, dripped, drooped, dropout, dropped, drubbed, dwarfed

What rhymes with draftee?