What rhymes with evokes?

List of words that rhyme with evokes in our rhyming dictionary.

Evokes rhymes with:

invokes, provokes, vokes, blokes, chokes, coax, coke's, cokes, folkes, folks, folks', hoax, invokes, jokes, kokes, mokes, noakes, nokes, oak's, oakes, oaks, oaks', pokes, polk's, provokes, smokes, soaks, spokes, stokes, strokes, vokes, yokes, yolks

Evokes sounds like:

eaves, ebasco, ebaugh, ebbs, efface, efficacious, efficacy, effigy, eohippus, epes, epic, epic's, epics, epoch, epochs, epoxy, eppes, eppich, epps, epsco, eva's, evacuee, evacuees, eves, evoke, eyepiece

What rhymes with evokes?