What rhymes with fernand?

List of words that rhyme with fernand in our rhyming dictionary.

Fernand rhymes with:

band, banned, bland, bourland, brand, brande, canned, chand, command, deland, demand, disband, expand, fanned, firsthand, gland, grand, grande, hand, hoiland, laband, land, lande, lefthand, manned, marchand, meadowland, misunderstand, offhand, outmanned, panned, planned, rand, remand, righthand, sand, sande, scanned, shand, spanned, stand, strand, strande, tanned, understand, unmanned, unplanned, vande, withstand, zand

Fernand sounds like:

fahrenheit, fairmont, faranda, farmed, farmhand, farrand, farrant, ferment, fermenta, fermented, fernanda, fernando, ferrand, ferrando, ferrant, ferrante, ferranti, firmed, forand, forehand, forewarned, forint, formant, format, formato, formed, fournet, framed, franta, freehand, freemont, freiermuth, freimuth, freind, fremd, fremiet, fremont, frenette, freund, freyermuth, friend, frond, fronde, front, fronted, frowned

What rhymes with fernand?