What rhymes with fluhr?

List of words that rhyme with fluhr in our rhyming dictionary.

Fluhr rhymes with:

defleur, fleur, lafleur, lefleur, blur, defleur, fleur, lafleur, lefleur, luhr, o'clair, oclair, slur

Fluhr sounds like:

failor, failure, faler, faller, falor, favaloro, feeler, feiler, feller, filer, fillauer, filler, flair, flare, fleer, fleur, fleuri, fleury, flier, flohr, floor, flor, flora, flore, florea, florer, florey, flori, floria, florio, floro, florrie, florry, flory, flour, flower, flowery, fluor, flurry, flury, flyer, foeller, follower, foolery, fowler, fuller, fulwiler

What rhymes with fluhr?