What rhymes with frenetic?

List of words that rhyme with frenetic in our rhyming dictionary.

Frenetic rhymes with:

epigenetic, genetic, kinetic, parthenogenetic, pharmakinetic, phonetic, bionetic, diamagnetic, electromagnetic, epigenetic, ferromagnetic, genetic, geomagnetic, helionetic, hyperkinetic, intermagnetic, kinetic, magnetic, paramagnetic, parthenogenetic, pharmakinetic, phonetic

Frenetic sounds like:

fahrenheit's, farmhands, fermenta's, ferments, fernandes, fernandez, fernando's, forehands, forints, formants, formats, frantic, frantz, fremd's, fremitus, frentz, friend's, friends, friends', fronds, front's, frontage, fronts, frontz

What rhymes with frenetic?