What rhymes with geving?

List of words that rhyme with geving in our rhyming dictionary.

Geving rhymes with:

achieving, believing, conceiving, deceiving, disbelieving, grieving, heaving, interleaving, interweaving, leaving, misconceiving, perceiving, receiving, relieving, retrieving, self-deceiving, thieving, unbelieving, weaving

Geving sounds like:

g'vanni's, gabbing, gaping, gapinski, gasping, gaufman's, gibbens, gibbins, gibbons, gibian's, giovanni's, giovenco, giovinazzo, givenchy, givenness, givens, givens's, giving, givins, goffman's, goofing, gosbank, gossiping, gubbins

What rhymes with geving?