What rhymes with greens?

List of words that rhyme with greens in our rhyming dictionary.

Greens rhymes with:

green's, greene's, greens', brenes, green's, greene's, greens', irene's, latrines, lorean's, screens, sunscreens

Greens sounds like:

garing, garms, garnes, garnica, garnish, garnishes, garnock, garnsey, garonzik, garron's, gawronski, gearan's, gearing, gehring, geraniums, gering, germain's, german's, germanic, germans, germans', germany's, germanys, germs, goehring, goering, goring, gorniak, gornick, gornik, graham's, grahams, grains, grames, gramm's, grammies, gramms, grammy's, grammys, grams, gramza, granese, grange, granges, grannies, grannis, granz, granzow, graunke, graying, green's, greene's, greenhouse, greenhouses, greeniaus, greening, greenish, greenness, greenough, greens', greenwich, greenwich's, greinke, grenz, greunke, greying, grimace, grimaces, grimes, grimm's, grimness, grimshaw, grinage, grinch, gring, gringo, gringos, grinning, grins, groaning, groans, groening, groins, gromek, gromes, gromyko, gronowski, gronski, groomes, grooming, grooms, growing, grumman's, gruneich, grunge, grungy, guarnaccia, guernsey, guernseys, gurney's, gurnsey

What rhymes with greens?