What rhymes with hernandez's?

List of words that rhyme with hernandez's in our rhyming dictionary.

Hernandez's rhymes with:

alza's, arises, bronzes, bruises, cabezas, causes, characterizes, chooses, clauses, comprises, diffuses, diseases, economizes, emphasizes, enterprise's, exercises, extravaganzas, firenzas, fuses, galvanizes, gaza's, gazes, glazes, gonzalez's, guises, hypnotizes, imposes, improvises, lenses, lollapaloozas, loses, lufthansa's, maize's, minimizes, misa's, muses, nitza's, patronizes, pauses, phases, phrases, plaza's, plazas, polymerizes, poses, praises, primroses, prinz's, prizes, raises, reanalyses, recognizes, refuses, rises, rosa's, rosas, sizes, sodomizes, sousa's, souzas, specializes, stabilizes, stanzas, stevens's, storehouses, symbolizes, tamraz's, televisa's, tereza's, visa's, visas, wheezes

Hernandez's sounds like:

harmetz, hermitage, hermits, hernandes, hernandez, herniates, hormats, hornet's, hornets, horrendous

What rhymes with hernandez's?