What rhymes with ijaz?

List of words that rhyme with ijaz in our rhyming dictionary.

Ijaz rhymes with:

abridges, bridges, fridges, midges, ridges, abridges, afterimages, ages, alija's, alleges, bainbridge's, bandages, barges, bridges, cartridges, changes, charges, coolidge's, counterchallenges, damages, discharges, dredges, edges, enrages, exchanges, flanges, forages, fridges, gauges, george's, georges, georgia's, gorges, heritages, homages, hostages, images, languages, lodges, lozenges, maharajahs, messages, micromanages, midges, mismanages, mortgages, ninjas, oranges, osages, packages, pages, parsonages, passages, penja's, plumages, prearranges, privileges, ranges, ridges, rummages, sage's, savages, shortages, sponges, stages, surges, syringes, tonnages, urges, usages, villages, voltages, voyages, wages, wedges, zendejas

Ijaz sounds like:

i's, i.'s, i.s, iacocca, iacocca's, iago, ice, ices, ich, ichi, ichikawa, ickes, ickes', icy, iezzi, ige, igo, igoe, igou, igushi, ihasz, ikaes, ike, ike's, ikea, ikeuchi, ikey, ikie, ios, iosue, iowa's, is, isa, isaac, isaacks, isaacs, isaak, isaiah, isay, isch, ischo, ise, ish, ishaq, ishee, ishi, ishi's, ishii, ishikawa, isis, issa, issac, issah, issie, issue, issue's, issues, issues', issy, isu, isuzu, iwaki, iwasaki, iwosaki, izzi, izzo, izzy, izzy's

What rhymes with ijaz?