What rhymes with kater?

List of words that rhyme with kater in our rhyming dictionary.

Kater rhymes with:

cater, decatur, mercator, skater, vindicator, ater, cater, claytor, crater, creator, curator, debater, debator, decatur, deflator, dictator, equator, flater, frater, freighter, gaiter, gator, grater, greater, hater, hayter, inflator, later, lemaitre, mercator, misater, pater, plater, prater, praytor, rater, satre, schlater, skater, slater, slayter, sleator, stater, straighter, strater, tater, traitor, translator, vanmatre, vater, viator, vindicator, waiter, wheelabrator, yater

Kater sounds like:

kadar, kader, kaster, keator, kedar, keeter, keister, keiter, kester, ketter, ketterer, ketura, kidder, kiesewetter, kiester, kister, koester, koether, koetter, kohtaro, kohtoro, kooistra, koster, kotara, kothari, kotter, kuder, kuester, kuether, kuster, kustra, kuter, kutter

What rhymes with kater?