What rhymes with kingly?

List of words that rhyme with kingly in our rhyming dictionary.

Kingly rhymes with:

bingley, accordingly, accusingly, achingly, admiringly, agonizingly, alarmingly, amazingly, amusingly, appallingly, appealingly, approvingly, astonishingly, astoundingly, bingley, breathtakingly, charmingly, chillingly, compellingly, confusingly, convincingly, correspondingly, demandingly, depressingly, devastatingly, disappointingly, disarmingly, disparagingly, distressingly, disturbingly, embarrassingly, exceedingly, excruciatingly, fittingly, flaringly, fleetingly, frighteningly, frowningly, frustratingly, gangly, glowingly, grudgingly, haltingly, hauntingly, increasingly, interestingly, intriguingly, jokingly, kiddingly, knowingly, langley, lastingly, laughingly, longingly, lovingly, maddeningly, mattingly, menacingly, misleadingly, movingly, numbingly, obligingly, outstandingly, overwhelmingly, painstakingly, pleasingly, pointingly, punishingly, reassuringly, refreshingly, regulatingly, resoundingly, screamingly, seemingly, shockingly, smilingly, sobbingly, soothingly, sparingly, sportingly, startlingly, strikingly, strongly, stunningly, suprisingly, surprisingly, tantalizingly, tellingly, threateningly, unfailingly, unhesitatingly, unknowingly, unsurprisingly, unthinkingly, unwillingly, unwittingly, warningly, willingly, wittingly, wrongly

Kingly sounds like:

kenkel, kienzle, kincheloe, kingsley, kingswell, kinkel, kinkle, kinsel, kinsell, kinsella, kinsley, kinslow, kinzel, kneisel, kneisley, knicely, knisely, knisley, knochel, knowingly, knuckle, konczal, konkel, konkle, konkol, kuenzel, kuenzli, kunkel, kunkle

What rhymes with kingly?