What rhymes with knife?

List of words that rhyme with knife in our rhyming dictionary.

Knife rhymes with:

co-wife, fife, fyfe, fyffe, life, pfeiff, rife, schleif, slife, streiff, strife, wife

Knife sounds like:

kamneva, kamp, kampa, kampe, kampf, kaneb, kanipe, kemp, kempa, kempe, kempf, kenaf, kimba, kimpo, kimwipe, knab, knabb, knabe, knape, knapp, knaub, knauf, knauff, knaup, knave, kneip, knepp, knief, kniep, knipe, knipp, knippa, knob, knobbe, knobby, knoff, knoop, knop, knope, knopf, knopp, knouff, knupp, kociemba, komaba, komp, konop, kumbaya, kump, kumpf, kunaev, kunayev

What rhymes with knife?