What rhymes with lacroix?

List of words that rhyme with lacroix in our rhyming dictionary.

Lacroix rhymes with:

mcroy, croix, croy, kroy, mcroy, sgroi, alroy, broy, croix, croy, destroy, elroy, kroy, mcroy, roi, roy, roye, sgroi, troy

Lacroix sounds like:

la-crosse, lacourse, lacross, lacrosse, lagreca, lakers, laser's, lasers, lasorsa, lazarski, lazarus, lazarz, leaguers, leakers, lecherous, legros, legwork, lessors, leugers, licorice, liqueurs, liquors, lizarraga, lockers, loggers, lograsso, lookers, losers, losers', lucrecia, lugar's, lugers, luxuries, luxurious, lycurgus

What rhymes with lacroix?