What rhymes with lankans?

List of words that rhyme with lankans in our rhyming dictionary.

Lankans rhymes with:

jenkens, jenkins, lincoln's, lincolns, mcjunkins, africans, afroamericans, akens, alaskans, american's, americans, americans', awakens, bacon's, balkans, beacons, beckons, blackens, brackens, brookens, catkins, chicken's, chickens, chickens', churkin's, deacons, dickens, dickens', dominicans, etruscans, falcons, franciscans, gascons, graningeverken's, hearkens, hichens, houchens, jamaicans, jenkens, jenkins, kokan's, lichens, likens, lincoln's, lincolns, lukens, lykens, lykins, mcjunkins, mexicans, mickens, milken's, milkens, milkens', mohicans, moroccans, mozambicans, nebraskans, new-mexicans, nickens, pelican's, pelicans, perkins, pickens, pickens', puerto_ricans, pumpkins, quickens, reckons, republican's, republicans, republicans', ricans, ripken's, slackens, slocan's, syscon's, thickens, tokens, topekans, transamerican's, vatican's, vicon's, vulcan's, vulcans, weakens, wickens, wilkens

Lankans sounds like:

lancing, langhans, languishing, lansing, lansing's, launching, launchings, lawmaking, leingang, lensing, limousines, linking, longing, longings, lounging, luminescence, luncheons, lunching, lunging, lynching, lynchings

What rhymes with lankans?