What rhymes with notations?

List of words that rhyme with notations in our rhyming dictionary.

Notations rhymes with:

quotations, rotations, adaptations, amputations, annotations, citations, computations, confrontations, connotations, consultations, crustaceans, decapitations, deportations, exhortations, expectations, flirtations, hesitations, imitations, infestations, interpretations, invitations, irritations, limitations, manifestations, meditations, misrepresentations, mutations, orientations, palpitations, permutations, plantations, presentations, protestations, quotations, recitations, rehabilitations, representations, reputations, rotations, solicitations, station's, stations, stations', temptations, transportation's, visitations

Notations sounds like:

nading, nathan's, nation's, nations, nations', natomas, neatness, needham's, needing, neotenic, netanyahu's, netting, newton's, newtonchik, nodding, nominating, nominations, nothing, nothing's, nothings, noting, notions, nutmeg, nutting

What rhymes with notations?