What rhymes with parable?

List of words that rhyme with parable in our rhyming dictionary.

Parable rhymes with:

repairable, arable, bearable, marable, repairable, terrible, unbearable, wearable, adorable, arable, bearable, clarabelle, corabelle, curable, demonstrable, deplorable, desirable, durable, execrable, horrible, impenetrable, incurable, marable, mirabal, mirabelle, nondurable, orabelle, repairable, terrible, unbearable, undesirable, uninsurable, wearable

Parable sounds like:

parabola, parboil, powerball, powerful, powerfully, prayerful, prebble, preble, prevail, preval, pribble, pribula, pribyl, probable, probably, profile, propel, provable, purple

What rhymes with parable?