What rhymes with pentax?

List of words that rhyme with pentax in our rhyming dictionary.

Pentax rhymes with:

macintax, syntax, aftertax, counterattacks, haystacks, macintax, overtax, smokestacks, surtax, syntax, turbotax

Pentax sounds like:

paints, pandas, pandick, panetta's, pantex, panties, pantoja, pants, pantuso, pantyhose, pavements, payments, peanuts, pennants, pentech, penthouse, penthouses, pentz, phonetic, phonetics, pinetta's, pint-size, pints, piontek, piontkowski, pneumatic, pneumatics, point's, points, pond's, ponds, poniatowski, pont's, pontes, pontiac, pontiac's, pontiacs, pontikes, pontious, pontius, ponts, pound's, poundage, pounds, puentes, pundits, punts

What rhymes with pentax?