What rhymes with permit?

List of words that rhyme with permit in our rhyming dictionary.

Permit rhymes with:

admit, commit, emit, mitt, omit, readmit, remit, resubmit, schmidt, schmit, schmitt, smit, submit, transmit

Permit sounds like:

papermate, paramount, paranoid, parent, parente, parenteau, parenthood, parenti, parrent, peppermint, permanent, permanente, permeate, permeated, permenante, permitted, permount, permut, permutate, permutated, permute, pernod, preeminent, preened, premeditate, premeditated, primate, primed, print, printed, printout, printy, promenade, prominent, promote, promoted, pronto, prowant, pruned, pruneda, prunty, prurient, pyramid

What rhymes with permit?