What rhymes with plans?

List of words that rhyme with plans in our rhyming dictionary.

Plans rhymes with:

plan's, plans', clans, glanz, klan's, klans, lanz, plan's, plans', ann's, anne's, ban's, bans, branz, caen's, can's, cannes, cans, cezanne's, chan's, cheyenne's, cheyennes, clans, crans, dan's, danz, diane's, fan's, fans, fans', frans, franz, franze, gans, ganz, glanz, hannes, iran's, jan's, jans, janz, japan's, japans, kanz, klan's, klans, krans, kranz, lanz, man's, mann's, mannes, manns, mans, manz, mccann's, minivans, nan's, pan's, pans, pecans, plan's, plans', rans, ranz, roseanne's, sannes, sans, sanz, scans, sedans, span's, spans, stan's, sudan's, tans, trans, vans

Plans sounds like:

palance, palansky, palauans, palinkas, palma's, palms, palonius, paulhamus, pauling, pavilions, pawling, peeling, peplinski, phalange, phalanges, phalanx, piling, pilings, pilling, pilnak, pipeline's, pipelines, pipelines', plaines, plains, plan's, planas, planck, plane's, planes, planes', plank, planks, planning, plans', playing, plemmons, plemons, plenum's, plinius, plink, plonka, plonski, plowing, plowman's, plum's, plumage, plumages, plumes, plums, plunge, plunges, plunk, plying, polanco, polanski, polansky, polemic, polemics, polhamus, polhemus, poling, polinski, polinsky, pollens, polling, pollyannish, polonaise, polonsky, polynesia, pooling, poulenc, poulenc's, pulling, pullins, pullman's, pylons

What rhymes with plans?