What rhymes with plessey's?

List of words that rhyme with plessey's in our rhyming dictionary.

Plessey's rhymes with:

jesse's, accuracies, agencies, agencies', agency's, alexi's, assisi's, associes, autopsies, bankruptcies, bankruptcy's, betsy's, biloxi's, biopsies, blassie's, bugliosi's, bureaucracies, bureaucracy's, candidacies, casey's, chelsea's, clancy's, competencies, confederacy's, conservancy's, conspiracies, constituencies, contingencies, controversies, counterinsurgencies, courtesies, crises, cruces, currencies, currencies', currency's, debussy's, deficiencies, delicacies, delinquencies, democracies, democracy's, dependencies, diagnoses, discrepancies, efficiencies, elsie's, embassies, embassy's, emergencies, epilepsies, excellencies, exigencies, expectancies, fallacies, fancies, fantasies, fossey's, frequencies, gacy's, galaxies, galaxy's, gypsies, hennessey's, inaccuracies, inadequacies, inconsistencies, inefficiencies, insolvencies, insurgencies, intricacies, jealousies, jesse's, kaposi's, legacies, macy's, macys, malignancies, maxis, mcaleese's, mercies, misdiagnoses, missy's, nancy's, nazi's, nazis, nazis', neonazis, neuroses, oases, odyssey's, patsies, pepsi's, percy's, pharmacies, pisces, policies, policy's, posses, poughkeepsie's, pregnancies, presidencies, presidency's, privacies, prognoses, prophecies, prostheses, proxies, pussies, quincy's, redundancies, regency's, residencies, ritcey's, sassy's, tallahassee's, taxi's, taxis, tendencies, theses, tracy's, transparencies, tutsi's, tutsis, uliassi's, ullyses, ulysses, vacancies, vinci's, xerxes

Plessey's sounds like:

pails, pal's, palace, palace's, palaces, palacio, palacios, palais, palash, palau's, palazzi, palazzo, palca, palca's, palco, palecek, paleozoic, pales, palese, palka, palko, pallas, palleschi, palos, pals, palsy, paluch, paluck, paluzzi, paolucci, paul's, paules, paulhus, paulick, paulik, paulk, paulos, pauls, paulus, pauwels, pavelic, pavelka, pavelko, pavlak, pavlic, pavlica, pavlicek, pavlich, pavlick, pavlik, pavlis, pavlock, pawelek, pawelski, pawelsky, pawlak, pawlicki, pawlik, pawlikowski, pawloski, pawlowicz, pawlowski, pawluk, payables, payless, pebbles, peebles, peels, peeples, pelaez, pelagia, pelagic, pelc, pelka, pelkey, pelky, pell's, pellecchia, pelosi, peloso, pels, peluso, pelz, people's, peoples, peoples', pflug, phallic, phil's, phileas, phillies, phillis, phylis, phyllis, phyllys, pilch, pilecki, pileggi, piles, pill's, pillage, pillages, pillows, pills, pilz, place, place's, placek, places, placeway, plack, plack's, placke, placko, placzek, plagge, plague, plagues, plake, plaque, plaques, plas, plass, plasse, plauche, plax, play's, playhouse, playhouses, plays, plaza, plaza's, plazas, plazic, pleas, please, pleases, plescia, plese, pleskow, pless, plessey, plessis, plessy, plex, plexus, plies, pliska, plocek, ploch, plock, plog, ploss, plough, ploughs, plows, ploys, pluck, pluck's, plucks, plucky, plug, plugs, plus, plus's, pluses, plush, poehl's, pohl's, polacek, polachek, polack, polak, polakowski, polasek, polaski, polasky, polce, polek, poles, police, police's, polices, polich, policies, policy, policy's, polis, polish, polizzi, polje, polk, polk's, polka, polkas, poll's, pollack, pollack's, pollak, pollick, pollock, pollok, polls, pollux, polly's, polo's, pols, polsky, polus, poly's, polyak, pool's, poolas, pools, popelka, popieluszko, poplawski, populace, populous, poulos, powalsky, powell's, powles, powless, public, public's, publicis, publicize, publics, publish, publishes, publix, pulaski, pulice, pulleys, pulls, pulos, puls, pulse, pulses, pupils, pyle's, pyles, pylos

What rhymes with plessey's?