What rhymes with plummeting?

List of words that rhyme with plummeting in our rhyming dictionary.

Plummeting rhymes with:

limiting, vomiting, accrediting, attributing, auditing, balloting, blanketing, carpeting, crediting, dieting, discrediting, disquieting, editing, eliciting, ferreting, fidgeting, forfeiting, inhabiting, inheriting, inhibiting, limiting, marketing, meriting, misinterpreting, orbiting, picketing, piloting, pirating, pivoting, pocketing, profiting, prohibiting, quieting, ratcheting, reinterpreting, remarketing, rioting, riveting, rocketing, skyrocketing, soliciting, targeting, telemarketing, ticketing, trumpeting, visiting, vomiting

Plummeting sounds like:

plantains, plantations, planting, plantings

What rhymes with plummeting?