What rhymes with primm?

List of words that rhyme with primm in our rhyming dictionary.

Primm rhymes with:

prim, brim, brimm, crim, crimm, grim, grimm, grimme, krim, prim, rim, trim, trimm

Primm sounds like:

paramo, parana, paranoia, parham, parma, parman, parrino, pearman, pepperman, pepperoni, peraino, perham, periman, perin, perine, perini, perino, perma, perman, permiam, permian, perna, perno, peron, perona, perone, peroni, perren, perrin, perrine, perrino, perron, perrone, perryman, perryn, pharaon, pharma, pheromone, pierini, pierman, pieroni, pierron, piraino, piranha, pirone, pirrone, poorman, porn, porno, poveromo, pran, praun, prawn, preen, preheim, prehn, prem, premium, premo, prenn, priam, priem, prien, prim, prima, prime, primeau, primiano, primo, prine, priyam, prom, promo, prone, pronoun, prune, pruneau, pruyn, prynne, purim, purina, pyburn, pyrena, pyron

What rhymes with primm?