What rhymes with prism?

List of words that rhyme with prism in our rhyming dictionary.

Prism rhymes with:

prizm, prizm, trism, chisholm, chism, chisum, ism, prizm, schism, scism, trism

Prism sounds like:

paragon, paraguayan, parchman, parisian, parisienne, parkin, parkison, parkman, parsimony, parson, pearson, peerson, pehrson, peirson, peragine, percussion, pergamon, perignon, perkin, perricone, persian, person, persona, personae, persson, persuasion, persyn, perugina, perugini, perzigian, pharisaism, pherson, phrygian, pieraccini, pierson, powergen, precession, precision, prejean, pressman, presson, presume, prezzano, prison, prizm, procaccini, procaine, procassini, procession, prochnow, progeny, prussian, purgason, pyroxene

What rhymes with prism?