What rhymes with private-eye?

List of words that rhyme with private-eye in our rhyming dictionary.

Private-eye rhymes with:

altai, pty, sty, switaj, tai, thai, tie, ty, tye, untie

Private-eye sounds like:

parapet, parfait, parfitt, perfetti, perfetto, perfidy, perpetua, perpetuate, perpetuated, perpetuity, pervade, pervaded, powerboat, pravda, prepaid, prepped, prevatt, prevatte, prevette, previewed, previte, previti, private, privett, privette, privott, probate, probed, probity, profeta, proffit, proffitt, profit, profited, profitt, prohibit, prohibited, proofed, prophet, propped, proved, provide, provided, provote, purified, purveyed

What rhymes with private-eye?