What rhymes with purchasing?

List of words that rhyme with purchasing in our rhyming dictionary.

Purchasing rhymes with:

repurchasing, repurchasing, repurchasing, buttressing, canvassing, embarrassing, encompassing, focusing, grimacing, harnessing, menacing, necklacing, practicing, promising, refocusing, repurchasing, resurfacing, surfacing, witnessing

Purchasing sounds like:

parisians, parking, parkins, parsimonious, parsing, parsonage, parsonages, parsons, pearson's, perchance, perishing, perking, perkins, perkins', perkins's, pershing, pershing's, pershings, persians, persing, person's, personic, personics, persons, persuasions, perusing, phrasing, piercing, praising, preaching, preakness, pregnancies, pregnancy, presaging, prescience, presence, presences, pressing, presumes, presuming, pricing, pricings, prisms, prison's, prisons, processing, processions, prognoses, prognosis, prusinski, purging, pursuing

What rhymes with purchasing?